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About Us

About Us: Everyone understands that all upholstery will eventually be home to a large number of pests, soil particles, dust, vermin, bugs, and any remaining impurities.

Since then, Dubai Sofa Cleaning considers the cleaning of sofas, carpets, and mattresses to be a piece of our business. Consequently, sofa cleaning is something that we think of not as a service but rather an obligation that we are responsible for. Where as Our sofa cleaning professionals and team in Dubai know the life cycle of pollution particles and their most normal living spaces.

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Do you know about that by cleaning your sofas by an expert cleaner. At standard spans, increases the worth of your furniture?

It is important to clean non-removable sofa covers no less than twice in a month. As well as these covers are dim in variety, bugs might make home toward the sides of the sofa. The residue on the sofas additionally cause itching, chest and skin related diseases. Spills will undoubtedly happen every once in a while, however the aim of cleaning your sofas without getting services from any professional team.
Else is a difficult situation and close to unthinkable. Since, Dubai Sofa Cleaning  with Eco-friendly and safe stuffs to clean and sanitize the sofa to discard microorganisms and buildup parasites.

Our professional sofa cleaning team will arrive on the day. The service fully equipped with a vacuum and mild upholstery shampoo to clean your couches and sofas. The service starts with a deep vacuuming of your sofas to remove any dust, mites, or dirt that has become lodged inside the stuffing and sofa.

Then, cleaning and scrubbing of the upholstery with a mild shampoo or steamer. Your sofa should be free of any old stains and dirt. After the sofa cleaning service, your sofa will look brand new.

We already have 100 branches across the country

We know that if you love our service you’re going to recommend us to your family and friends, Since your satisfaction is our number one priority. In case, you’re unhappy with our service in any way.

Since, It always worth deep-cleaning furnishing before you consider replacing dull and dirty furniture. As well as Dust and grime build up over time, especially if you have children or pets. Furthermore, A professional deep-clean removes this build-up safely and effectively.

Since, As a web app crawler expert. Moreover, we help organizations adjust to the expanding significance of internet promoting.

Since, our castomer come first, we will try to give 100% sertifection in our services. Moreover, We try to manage your all work within the given time limt.

It smells wonderful!

How Does It Work?

Use a dry vacuum to erase all the dust and dirt.
stains will be remove with help of shampoo.
steamed to sterilize and disinfect the sofa
wet vacuum for drying the sofa after cleaning.
Leather will be cleaned using leather care products, and thus the stains and foreign particles will be removed.
The leather will be polished and conditioned for an authentic look and smooth finishing.

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