6 Best steps to clean the Mattress and sofa cleaning in Dubai while you ask for a cleaning service

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There are always things that needs to consider that mattress and sofa takes lot of time to get dirty. And we do not take it to the remembrance that  it should take cleaning after every 2 months. Means when we are living in a home where all the living stuff needs cleaning, then why do we not take care of our mattress and sofa. These both are most useable stuff in our home.

However we should take care of our stuff means the all stuff at home. All the stuff including sofa, rugs, cloths need cleaning after every while. So the “Dubaisofacleaning” is on the top of cleaning service provide to a large number of customers in the communities of Dubai.

mattress and Sofa cleaning

We have mostly 6 best steps to give a home owner Mattress and sofa cleaning services

  1. Vacuum your mattress and sofa
  2. Deodorize sofa and mattress with baking soda
  3. Removal of stains
  4. Airing it out
  5. Flip and rotate mattress and push the sofa
  6. Protect mattress and sofa with sheets

The defining of steps in very easy way

Vacuuming Your Mattress and sofa

When our customers call our duty team to do mattress and sofa cleaning at their home, we arrive with all the supplies such as surf, cleaning chemicals vacuum and other cleaners. Though it is always find normal to do the sofa cleaning. But it has many difficulties to do cleaning process. The sofa’s are in different shapes and some time it has tight body with tighten fabric on it. So we deal with gentle cleaning. First of all we apply supplies on it with water mixing so that stains get loose and we rub it gently.

After the rubbing we do the vacuum of sofa. Because it may have dust and dirt on it. So to clean it before we do complete process.

The same process we deliver with the mattress cleaning in your bedrooms. So you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Deodorize with baking soda

After the above process we do the deodorize of both mattress and sofa during this cleaning process. So the get the sofa and mattress will be in good smell.

Remove stains

We take care of the stains when you ask our team for mattress and sofa cleaning services at your home. We deal with all in all stains removing process. Finding out small and large stains we do it all for your mattress and sofa.

Air it out

After the process of stains cleaning. We take care of drying your mattress and sofa. We bring your mattress in the open air area. Keeping it to a dry and cleaned space where it won’t get stains and dust again. So when it gets dry we put it back to its place as it was before.

Flip and rotate mattress and push the sofa

We deal with the complete process. Means when we air it out to the open space with flip sofa and mattress on both sides to get it dry earlier and complete. So there we make sure it gets completely dry.

Protect mattress and sofa with sheets

After all the cleaning process of mattress and sofa cleaning, we suggest our customers to keep a protecting sheet on your sofa and mattresses. So it will not get dirty early.

On the above we are defining all of our process of cleaning for mattress and sofa. Although  we have best cleaning company name in  dubai.

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